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Traditional diapering V/S Modern Diapering

Mothers over the course of history have evolved and learned from experiences in bringing up their beloved babies, every time a mother goes through a challenging situation in handling their babies they brainstorm their way out of it, this valuable experience is then passed on from one generation to another. Today in this blog we are going to discuss one of the most important aspects of a child that every mother needs to deal with since day one of the baby i.e Diapering.

Every mother wants their baby to be hygienic because an infant is vulnerable and any carelessness can lead to health issues. That's why mothers know the importance of diapering.

Traditional Diapering

traditional Diaper

Earlier in time mothers use to have clothing nappies that were a square or rectangle of linen, cotton flannel, or stockinette folded into a rectangular shape and held in place with safety pins.

This is also considered as the originator of the modern diaper. These nappies weren't able to absorb baby feces efficiently resulting in poor hygiene and skin problems like rashes, also these nappies were washed and reused rapidly but there was a fair chance that those could still contain germs and bacteria that can cause sickness, to hold this clothed diaper, pins were used which were also dangerous for a child and could cause serious injury.

Modern Diapering


These methods became obsolete soon after the invention of absorption pad and which could keep the baby dry longer, protecting them from moisture and rashes.

New diapers provide mothers with better protection from leakage, moisture, rashes and longer absorption keeping the baby dry for longer, check out collection of the most reliable diaper brands in the world e.g Pampers,   Canbebe, Chicco, they provide all sorts of sizes for your baby with packaging amount as per your requirement like jumbo(40 pcs),  standard(14 pcs),   mega pack(64 pcs) etc. ensures that every baby stays healthy and the very aims of this blog is to spread awareness to moms out there on how they could improve their ways of bringing up their child, Our store will help you get the best of baby products online including all the popular diapering brands that we can deliver to your home all over Pakistan.


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