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Solid Food for Your Baby - Pear Puree Recipe

When you're a first time parent, life is a little overwhelming, parenthood is exhausting. Is the baby sleeping right? Has the baby burped? And mostly when should the baby start taking solid foods? That is a tricky one now. Some babies aren't ready till they are way older but some are ready to include solid foods in their diet 4-6 months on from their birth. One of the first signs to look for is when your baby gets curious about the food you are eating. He might want that piece of bread too! But don't let him/her have that piece of bread! Instead try mashing bananas and giving that to your baby, just a few tablespoons a day. Gradually increase the number of tablespoons. If you want to make things interesting for your little one, try making a pear puree for your little one. It is easy. Trust us.

Simply peel, core and chop a pear and boil it until soft. Once it is fork tender, take off the chopped pears from heat and drain water. Throw them in the blender and puree to desired consistency. Cool it off! Yum! Feel free to try it too!
And if all fails, simply hop online and order a box of CERELAC. Don't let motherhood overwhelm you!


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