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Back to School

Summer Vacation is nearly over and school time is back, Going back to school is exciting for every kid and why wouldn't it be as they will get back to learn more and meet their best friend again.

As we are going back to school it's time to restock your exhausted school supplies, here are some the essentials that you are going to need before you begin your year.


Refill your pens and sharpen your pencils so you never can canvas your thoughts immediately and continue to impress your teachers and achieve outstanding grades in class. Check out these geometry boxes from

School Bags

Remember, key to success is organization, organize yourself with schoolbags by keeping your school supplies at one place. Look at these colorful cartoon character printed school bags.

Water Bottles

Carry water bottles with you and keep yourself hydrated during school times . You can have cars and disney Mickey Mouse printed o; water bottles to make thing fun.

Lunch Boxes

Give your child homemade nutritious and delicious snacks so they never run out of energy or feel exhausted at school. Check out these colorful lunchboxes from


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