The Early Years Parenting- ensuring the fittest minds and bodies of the future generation

The Early Years Parenting- ensuring the fittest minds and bodies of the future generation

With parenting comes the greatest responsibility. As a mommy or daddy of the newbies, there lies the greatest and the noblest of all aims to achieve; baking a brick of a child's naive mind, body, and soul in the kiln of highly efficient grooming, coaching, and parenting. It's the utmost responsibility of parents to set a doctrine of a standard life for their children. Not only nurturing them with the healthiest diets but giving them the best food for thought is also a fundamental obligation of parents. As a parent, their kids the future of generation in your hands. Making the best of bricks ensures effective nation-building. 

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Great Speeches

Here are some of the best hacks for parents that will help them not only groom their kids into well-off individuals but will help them pay off the debts of the motherland. 

Ensure Positive Parent Projection

American Projection Association aka APA Psycnet published its research work based on the parent-child relationship in terms of projection of behaviors. The survey was conducted on adolescent girls and boys. The stats ultimately led back to the effect of parents' behavior on their children. It demonstrated how the parent-child conflict can demolish a child's peace of life and how a healthy parent-child and mommy-daddy relationship can boost a child's life towards the road of a healthy future. A child from a very early age picks the auras of his parents. The smiley faces and the warmth of enchanted family bonds cultivate the seeds of confidence, conviction, enthusiasm, and optimism in the hearts of kids. The subconscious of the human is very sensitive to the delicacies of positive energy and the havoc of bad energy. Parents need to ensure a healthy interaction with their kids from a very early age. As a parent, it's your supreme duty to not only avoid intramarital conflicts but to take your children into confidence by lightening the fairy balls of friendly, cooperative, and generous parents.  It will pave the path for strong family bonding that in the future will shun your children from catching up traumas of broken family crisis and several other mental health issues; that is considered one of the prime reasons for darker activities in an individual's life. 

Provide Your Kids With Developmentally Suitable Toys 

The thoughtful choice of toys is a very vital element for the development of a kid's areas of interest. It's dependent on parents' right selection of toys for their kids which will shape the aspirations of a kid later on in life.

A Washington-based organization, the National Association for the Education of Young Children aka naeyc, conducted thorough research to comprehend the impact of toys on children's personalities. The results of the research were quite eye-opening. It came to light that other than climate, parents, peers, teachers, house environment, and academic domains, there was another striking factor stimulating the minds of children. That factor was toys. It was proved how teachers and parents can cultivate a child's interest and ambitions in life by handing him with the correct toys. The leanings of a child towards a specific toy is an early indicator of what he is likely t go after in life ahead. So as a parent, you must avoid giving your kids aggressive toys and provide them with toys that are good for their physical and mental health.

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Cultivate Literary Interest  In Kids 

In this era of science and technology, life has gone shallow. Gone are the days when people would invest their time and money in books. It is the reason for restlessness and chaos. As parents, it's your utmost duty to harness the powers, abilities, and energies of your children on the right lane with the help of literature and books. Our country needs highly qualified youth. The only way to manufacture the fittest minds are books, where spiritual elevations are granted, medical and technical knowledge are preached, where brains are boosted, spirits are raised, and the heroes of the nation are cultivated. Every great revolution has a microscopic start. For a child to evolve into a valuable asset for the nation, it's important to introduce him to the world of books from a very early stage. Tell them bedtime stories of our Islamic heroes. A sapling of literary interest planted in the early years of life becomes a massive tree of fruits one day. 

You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.

Ray Bradbury

Our motto is to help parents provide their kids with the best of everything. Be it clothes, toys or even books. Baby Planet emphasizes the bookish interests of children and delivers interesting reading books, coloring books, comics, and academic books for your children. We value the trust invested in us by the parents. 

Avoid Overparenting 

In December 2012, the Cambridge University Press published an article in their journal of psychologists and counselors which addressed the phenomenon of overparenting. The survey was conducted among one hundred and twenty-eight professionals who highlighted the concept of over-parenting and its behavioral and emotional responses on children. 

There are two kinds of parental approaches. Authoritative parenting and substantial parenting. The authoritative parenting approach brings out a significantly positive attitude in children. Authoritative parenting involved reprimanding the children when needed and keeping a fair balance between dos and don'ts. However, on the other hand, affectionate parenting which comprised a high dose of affection thrived negative impacts on the children.

So, in the bigger picture, over parenting casts negative impacts on a child's personality. It's important to constructively rebuke a child for his shortcoming. Similarly, it's also vital not to dictate your child at every step. Let him explore things, his ideas, and his interests. As a parent keep a close eye on children but give them room to grow. 
What shouldn't be compromised is the quality of stuff you provide? Be it clothes, furniture, shoes, books, toys, or whatsoever. Baby Planet is at your service 24/7. Because we believe, quality of life should not be compromised.


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