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Raising Brave Kids Not Cowards!

We all grew up scared of the jinn locked away in the store room or wandering alone in the back alley, the jinn who would come out and eat us if we didn't finish our glass of milk! We were scared. The jinn was always hidden in dark spaces and disliked disobedient kids. While our mothers were our well wishers, they seeded fear in our minds. It is on us to stop this cycle of seeding fear in little ones! There are other ways to calm down a child throwing tantrums, incentives to make children finish the food on their plates. In this day and age, it is vital for us young mothers to bond with our children instead of introducing fears into their minds. And what other way to bond then to play with them? To become their friends. Join your kids in a game of hide and seek or better build Lego airplanes  with them or carry out fun experiments to boost a thirst for learning and instill a love for science. It is on you! You can mold your child any way you want.


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