You Can't Hold Your Baby Too Much

Parents tend to give extra attention to their child and the baby spend most of the time in their Parent’s arms or lap, whether it be their sleeping time, feeding time or whenever they cry, they end up being nearest to their mother or father where they feel safest and they cuddle their babies until he/she gets back to being a happy baby.

Parent’s are often criticized for giving too much attention to their children and they are told that too much care would spoil their babies.

What People Say

  • Leave your baby alone for a while, it will make him/her tough
  • Don't always have them in your arms, this will spoil them
  • Baby is crying just to have your attention

Many people don't endorse giving babies too much attention, not that they don't love their babies but they have this misconception that not caring too much would make their baby tough, emotionally strong, and independent.

New Groundbreaking Research

Well, those who have this thinking are dead wrong in fact this strategy would disturb their child. A research at Children's Hospital Ohio where both premature and full term babies were observed carefully to the neurological response no gentle touch and cuddling, and luckily the research has proven that it's never too much to love your little one, in fact the more you show love the more they will develop character and healthy brain.

In the earliest stages babies cry for many reasons and parents soon identify their crying behavior as a way of communicating to their them and of course a quick response to their query leads to a happy baby much faster, this all adds up to a physically and mentally healthy child.

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Babies develop trust and compassion for their parents which lays the foundation of a healthy relationship for years to come.

What Parents Can Do

Parents must keep their young ones under their watch all the time, specially newborns require extra care, parents can use Baby Carriers & Carry Cots to make themselves more portable with the babies to ensure that they are right there when their baby needs them.


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