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Breast Feeding

Life isn't as slow paced as it used to be. Our mothers stayed home mostly and didn't have as many social engagements as we do now. Life was easier. Our mothers didn't have to worry about finding washrooms in wedding halls to breast feed their babies or nestling themselves and their baby into quiet secluded corners at gatherings just so they could breast feed them. And then there is the dilemma that breastfeeding working moms face! How do you not succumb to the temptation of feeding your little one formula milk in today's frantic world?! Enter, breast pumps. Indeed, there is a thing called breast pump. It allows you to pump out your breast milk so you can store it into a neat little feeding bottle and give to your little one without having to worry about finding secluded corners at parties or feeling guilty about feeding your baby formula milk because you work. Science has made life easier. Jump into the bandwagon.


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