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Our Pigeon Products Recommendations for the First Time Moms

The experience of being a first-time mom is overwhelming and no words can express the challenges a mom faces. Every mother opts for the best products in a baby shopping store regarding a baby's needs. Fortunately, the Japanese brand Pigeon stands above all and meets the high standards of quality. The brand offers all kinds of necessary products that are now available at

The brand's tagline 'Only Love Nurtures Love' tells us the quality of products it strives to offer. The products are designed with a lot of love and care for babies to make them feel precious. Therefore, we have listed Pigeon products, specifically required for a first-time mother:

Nipples and feeding bottles:

A Baby's nutrient intake is an essential part of a diet, leading to severe health conditions if not taken seriously. It should not contain any contaminated particles since it might lead to digestive difficulties. The feeding products of a baby include nipples, feeding bottles, etc.

The brand has carefully designed it considering the swallowing and sucking behavior of a baby. Additionally, the nipples also include an air ventilation system, minimizing airflow when the baby takes the feed. Besides, the feature also makes sure that the baby does not swallow excessive air particles.

The online baby shopping site offers various nipples and feeding bottles, affordably priced on


The Pigeon's pacifiers are formulating for babies, which help in nasal breathing. The design fits babies' lip contour, making it easier to suck. The shape is also adjustable, which helps when the baby starts weaning. The pacifiers made up of silicon keeps the baby's health safe.

Weaning bottle:

The weaning bottle used to alter the bottle count in favor of cups. Moreover, it is required when the baby is six months old. The brand offers a weaning bottle with a spoon, which helps the baby experience texture—the bottle used for soups, juices, and soft solids. Besides, a cleaning brush that comes with the bottle makes it easy to sterilize it.

Furthermore, the weaning bottle is affordably priced and always available at

Anti-mosquito patch:

The anti-mosquito patch comes under the category of Baby creams and ointments. It is the safest option for babies since one should use the lotion once the babies are two months old. The patch has Vitamin B1 as a repellent ingredient, which saturates in your baby’s skin, making body scent unpleasant. A single pack consists of 24 patches offered at online baby shopping sites.

Pigeon Bottle and NPL brush:

The Pigeon bottle comes up with a brush, used for sterilization purposes. The bottle created of high-quality and durable nylon. The thin bristles are firm, and the shape allows for efficient cleaning. Additionally, the set comes with a hanging ring.

Baby Oil

The product oil is available in the category of baby oil, which protects skin against irritation. It keeps the baby's skin smooth and gives a natural look. Additionally, it is free of parabens, alcohol, and color or other harmful ingredients.

That is for all today! However, other products of the brand are also available at Check them now before it runs out!


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