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Childproofing and Safety - A Checklist for All Parents

The time of arrival of a baby is the most exciting. It is important to make sure the house is set safely to receive him or her and the best time for baby proofing your home. Once the baby starts to crawl, it is important to make sure your house is safe due to common pediatric injuries that tend to happen at home. These injuries include drowning, poisoning from cleaners or medication, etc. As your baby grows, a little prevention before time can go a long way.

Childproofing all over the House

You must follow the following rules s for every room in the house to protect your child from any injury:

  • The outlets and power strips should be covered
  • Latches or Door handle covers should be used to keep children away from opening doors
  • The areas that are unsafe such as stairs should be gated off
  • Breakable items should be stored at high storage areas
  • The anchoring of heavy furniture should be done to minimize the chances of tip-over accidents
  • The installation of window guards can protect from injuries related to falling out of windows

Childproofing and Safety in the Kitchen

Safe kids reports estimate that each year more than 67,000 children of age 4 and under visit the ER due to scalds or burns. Parents should take the following precautions to keep the kids safe:

  • Install child locks on stove knobs, lower cabinets, ovens, dishwashers, fridge, and drawers.
  • Keeping sharp objects such as knives in drawers with locks
  • Pot handles should be turned towards the back of the stove to protect kids from grabbing them while you are cooking
  • To avoid accidents due to tip-over, place high chairs at a safe distance from counters, tables, and walls

Main accessories of childproofing and safety

Outlet cover:

Use outlet covers to conceal outlets automatically when they are not in use. Kids are not able to stick their fingers in the sockets with outlet covers attached. The parents can easily access the outlets when needed.

Cord cover:

These tuck cords can help cover wires and keep the little ones from pulling on them and getting it tangled. This product can also make your home look neat and clean.

Door Knob covers:

The doorknob covers are easy to install and remove for adults. However, they are hard for the little ones to open which protects them from opening closets and other rooms.

Window Guard:

To keep kids from squeezing through windows, use window guards between bars.

Peace of mind for parents

The right products of baby proofing can give parents peace of mind, as toddlers need constant supervision to keep them safe. The advantages of baby proofing items are that they will allow them to explore, learn, and enjoy their environment while keeping them healthy and safe. is one of the best online baby shopping stores in the industry. They make parents’ life easier by providing them with high-quality baby products. Visit their online baby shopping store for more information.


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