Checklist for First-time Moms – Things to Buy for Newborn Boys and Girls

Learning that you are going to be a mom can be the best feeling for first-time moms. If you had this blessing, make the most of it, there are many things to buy for your newborn, so keeping reading, what we have in store for you in our baby shopping store.

Make yourself a to-do list before the baby arrives at home. Planning your shopping for the baby's essential is on the top list. Whether you are setting your baby's nursery or collecting products for eating, bathing, etc., the list is never-ending. Additionally, it is quite a hassle, especially if you are a first-time mommy. The unsolicited advice at a baby shopping store only adds anxiety, which ends up confusing the mother.

Therefore, to clear up the confusion, we have created a checklist to purchase for newborn girls or boys at an online baby shopping site.


It is solely your choice to breastfeed your baby or not. Irrespective of the feeding methods you want to use, you would need the following things:

Nursing clothes:

For new moms, nursing clothing is an apparent product, made up of light fabrics. Therefore, opt for high-quality bras, nightwear, and shirts that have buttons or a loosely fitted opening in the front. You may also require breast pads or nipple sheaths, which soak away the excessive milk. Besides, a nipple cream helps to protect your skin.

Breast pumps:

Several types of breast pumps are available on baby shopping store, which ranges from electric, manual to battery-operated. You can opt according to your requirements. Additionally, you can opt for a close or open based system that comes along with accessories.

Feeding bottle:

A range of feeding bottles is available in a baby shopping store, made up of numerous materials. You can also look at them when opting for online baby shopping. Also, you can opt for gender-neutral colors. However, make sure the plastic is BPA free that can withstand high temperatures.

Bottle cleaner brush:

It is necessary equipment since it cleans leftover from the bottle. When combined with a sterilizer, it maintains hygiene and cleanliness, which should be your top-most priority.

Bibs and wipes:

These are yet another essential used to avoid and clean up the mess. Bibs also make sure your clothes are clean while feeding the newborn.


While most parents let the baby sleep in their room, others opt for a sleeping area of their own. In both cases, the essential products listed below are:

Baby crib:

A light-weighted crib or basket, along with a well-fitted mattress, is the first item on our bedding list. Opt for light sheets and a firm bed, tucked in properly. Additionally, the baby's pillow should be double-layered, sewed correctly to avoid any suffocation if the baby changes position.

Blankets and sheets:

A baby's bedding is incomplete without blankets and sheets. While purchasing a blanket, opt for a light and breathable one. However, dry sheets placed underneath provide comfortable sleeping to a baby.


You can opt for disposable diapers or nappies. Additionally, for disposable diapers, do not purchase a stack. Alternately, try different brands, and select the best one from a baby shopping store. Besides, rash-cream is also a must-have since a baby's skin is sensitive.

These are the must-have products for a baby, irrespective of a boy or girl. Additionally, do not fill a baby's closet with numerous attires; they might overgrow it. Still, if you wish, order them from now!


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