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Baby’s First Bath

To a couple a baby is the most special gift they can have, it is a learning curve which completes the transition from being just a couple to being parents, it teaches them the meaning of love between them and their child. Every first event with the baby is heart melting like holding the baby for the first time, feeding him/her for the first, and like that first bath is also a very beautiful experience.

People would generally associate bathing with just hygiene but it's so much more.

Many parents believe that bath time with their babies is the best quality time they spend with them and why wouldn't it be, Bath time provides parents and the babies the chance to bond with each other, both of them experience a mutual feeling of love and affection, while parents get to know how much their baby loves to bath, how curious he/she is to be in this new surrounding to make things more interesting you can add bath toys like bath ducks.


what part of their bodies tickle and makes them giggle, they could try stimulate their senses by dropping water on the body and observe how baby feels, so all these factors combine together and soon bathing time becomes the best parents child time spent together in whole day.

We, from our own experience can tell how soothing a warm bath can be, this is no different for a baby, almost every baby loves being in a comfortable bath tubs in lukewarm water with his/her mother, it's relaxing , it calms the baby, it also induces sleep this helps the baby to stay happy, prevents mood swings which eventually leads to better growth.
This tells us how important bathing is, not just for hygiene but it also helps develop senses and help the baby grow mentally.


All the parents should have the correct supplies for bathing their baby, like baby bath tubs and bathers which assist the mother in keeping the baby still , soaps and shampoos that suits the baby’s skin, oil and lotion to keep the skin moisturized and prevent dryness, bath robes and baby towels to keep the baby dry and warm etc.


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