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5 Baby Products You Must Have for Your Newborn

A famous belief our elders had and the advice they give new parents is to shop after the baby's arrival. However, most parents start to buy clothes, toys, crib, blankets, and shoes. While getting their hands on certain things, most of the parents take no notice of must-haves items.

Therefore, when getting the list ready, you should keep in mind these five must-have baby products. You can purchase these products through online baby shopping or an online baby shopping store, like Baby Planet.

Here is our list of baby products that will keep your baby healthy, comfortable, and safe.


Your baby will grow up too quickly, which is why we insist on not wasting precious time. Buy all the goodies you want your baby to wear right now. Make the most of the moments you have while he or she is still tiny. Of course, the baby’s comfort is the number one requirement, so explore our store. We have something for every budget so no need to worry.

You must buy 5-8 onesies, 3-4 baby sleepers, or sleep sacks, 5-7 pairs of socks, and 1-2 caps. However, when purchasing these items, consider how often you plan for laundry and your state's weather conditions.


Diapers are another essential item, which you can purchase from It is an obvious basic, but several parents are torn between disposable diapers or cloth diapers. Therefore, in our opinion, you can opt for both of them and use them in a combination.

You must get 3-5 packs of disposable diapers or enough cloth diapers that can last more than two days. Buy 2-3 packages of disposable wipes or enough cloth wipes. While using disposable diapers, the baby often gets a rash. Therefore, purchase a little tube of rash cream. Additionally, you can also buy diaper detergent to wash cloth diapers.

Bath items

For the first few weeks, doctors advise parents to use baby sponges, since a part of the umbilical cord is attached. You do not need to bathe your newborn baby daily. Three times a week would work just fine. You can purchase 3-5 wash baby clothes, 1-2 baby towels, baby sponges, baby shampoo, bath wash, and baby lotion.

Additionally, when buying from our online baby store or baby shopping store, look for baby-friendly products. This is because babies are sensitive. Also, ensure the bathtub is recently washed.

First Aid Kit:

A grooming kit is a necessary item for babies since your baby's nail proliferates. Keep the baby's item clean, sanitized, and safe from all kinds of germs. In the first aid kit, you can purchase a thermometer, bulb syringe, and medicine dropper. You can buy these things from an online baby store. We always have them in stock at

You can also buy a humidifier since in the first few weeks' babies catch a cold easily. It should have a filter and should be simple to clean. It has worked wonders on the baby's stuffy nose and it would provide relief to you too.

Car seat:

You must not travel in a car until you purchase it. It is crucial for the baby's safety, and we insist that you buy an adjustable one.

You can easily buy these must-haves from an online baby store and delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 days. Thus, add them to your cart now!


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