Baby Head Shaping & Torticollis Correction Pillow Blue - Sunshine

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Sunshine Baby Support Pillow - crafted using premium foam and breathable mesh for optimum comfort, featuring an innovative design with head, back, and leg support, including a flat head support area for a well-rounded baby head, and an adaptable leg support roll to aid digestion, breathing, and reduce colic discomfort.

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Type: Pillows
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Product Description


Brand: Sunshine

Type: Portable Support Pillow

Fabric: Premium foam pad and breathable mesh

Color: Blue & Green


  • Lightweight and foldable baby bed
  • Unique design includes head, back, and leg support
  • Flat head support with porch promotes round head shape
  • Customizable leg support roll

Approx. Dimensions: L20"inch x W9"inch(Upper half) x W14"inch(Lower half)

Items included in the package:

1 x Head Shaping Pillow


Product Material: Premium foam pad and breathable mesh

Wash Care Instructions:

Use eco-friendly Detergent.

Skip Bleach and Fabric Softener

Wash Type: Hand wash