Lovi Silicone Dynamic Soother 3-6M 2 Pcs Botanic Boy

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It has a unique structure of heterogeneous silicone and a symmetrical shape inspired by the nipple.

Vendor: Lovi
Type: Soothers
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The pacifier silicone dynamic of the Botanic series is developed by experts and doctors for the purpose of development at the kid of a healthy sucking instinct.
The symmetrical shape of the pacifier does not disrupt the natural development of teeth and gums, and the unique structure allows the child to breathe freely through the nose and swallow saliva.
The rim of the pacifier has ventilation holes that prevent redness and irritation of the skin.
The pacifier is made of high-quality transparent silicone, which retains its shape well.

Pacifiers silicone dynamic LOVI are packed in the special container that promotes their hygienic storage. In addition, each nipple has a protective cap.

The pacifier is intended for children from 3 to 6 months.
Includes 2 pieces.
Material: silicone (nipple) and plastic (rim and ring).

Do not contain Bisphenol-A.