Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

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Breast breast pump with adjustable suction and rhythm, mimics the way baby feeds naturally and maximizes milk production
5 adjustable suction levels for maximum comfort
Small enough to carry it in your bag when you're out and about, at work or traveling; lightweight design with USB connection and AC adapter
Easy to use with fewer parts to clean, saving time for busy moms
LED backlight indicates suction level, even during night breast milk extraction sessions
Factory Type: Single Compact Electric Extractor

Vendor: Lansinoh
SKU: LAN54090
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  • Brand New; The unique and compact lansinoh electric breast pump is ideal for a busy mom, who is always on the go and has little free time; Carefully designed, the extractor is lightweight, compact, discrete and compatible with a micro USB adapter or AC adapter, making it perfect to use when making plans to go out; Easy to use, with LED indicator that shows the suction strength and with easy-to-use controls on top of the unit to increase and decrease suction; when babies breastfeeding, they start with the quick suction to stimulate the lowering and flow of the milk; once the milk has lowered, the baby extracts the milk with slower and deeper suctions; To simulate this natural rhythm, the lansinoh compact electric breast pump offers 2 phases: the lowering phase and expression phase; phase; phases. Milk fall and of expression (different suction levels); the lowering phase is a faster pumping style that mimics the short and fast suction your baby makes to start the flow of milk and features 5 adjustable suction levels that can be adapted for your comfort; phase expression mimics the slowest and deepest suction of feeding and also with 5 adjustable suction levels that can be adapted for your comfort; by turning on the Breast pump, start It will automatically lower phase, level 3 and p to the expression phase after 2 minutes, therefore you do not have to press any button; you can switch to expression phase at any time, if your milk starts to flow before the transition of 2 minutes; with automatic shut-off if the pump is left unattended for more than 60 minutes; the lansinoh compact electric breast pump. Comes with a cushion Comfortfit standard size silicone (25mm), which is soft and flexible around the edges to mold the breast; the lansinoh compact single electric breast pump can be attached the lansinoh breast milk storage bags, allowing you to save time and avoid wasting milk or spills by direct pumping; this can also be excellent for when you are away from home and have little space storage bottles.