Canpol Babies Water Teether With Rattle Star Pink

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The water teether with a rattle is ideal for the teething period, bringing relief to the baby's itchy gums. It is made of soft material with an uneven surface, which gently massages swollen gums. The possibility to cool the teether in the fridge is an additional advantage - it relieves pain associated with teething. Its shape fits perfectly into tiny hands, and the rattle inside encourages to play. The toy is available in two contrasting colours, designed for children aged 0m+.

Type: Teether
SKU: CB-56-161-COR
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The package contains 1 pc.
Teether filled with microbiologically tested distilled water. Made of safe, BPA-free material.
Designed for children ages 0m +.
Not suitable for washing in a dishwasher, cooking, freezing or disinfection. Do not heat in a microwave. Boiling water can be poured.

  • BPA freeBPA free
  • Do not use in a microwaveDo not use in a microwave
  • Do not use in a dishwasherDo not use in a dishwasher
  • Suggested age 0m+Suggested age 0m+
  • Do not use in a sterilizerDo not use in a sterilizer
  • Pouring boiling waterPouring boiling water
  • Keep the Teether clean. Prior to first use, wash under running water with a mild baby detergent, rinse thoroughly, then pour boiling water and drain. To ensure hygiene, the teether should be frequently cleaned under running water, using soft brush or sponge soaked in mild baby detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly before offering to the child. Do not cook, disinfect, microwave or use in a dishwasher.
    Always inspect the product before giving it to the baby. If it is worn, damaged or bitten - discard. The teether can be cooled in a refrigerator. Not suitable for freezing.