Junior Apache Kids Sporty Look Gear Bicycle 26"

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26” Inches Wheels. Junior's Kids' Sporty Gear Bicycles ensure a secure and enjoyable ride with innovative disc brakes, a versatile multi-speed gear system for different terrains, slip-resistant tires, an adjustable seat, a shock absorber, and an effortlessly maneuverable handlebar for a comfortable cycling experience.

Vendor: Junior
Type: Ride-Ons
SKU: BLL-B26-2245
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Product Description


Brand: Junior

Type: Sport Gear Kids' Bicycle

Material: Lightweight Carbon Steel

Edges: Round and Smooth

Handle: Easy-to-steer handlebar

Seat: Padded (Height Adjustment)

Wheel Size: 26" Inches

Color: Black color with green detailing


  • Disc brake system for extra safety
  • Multiple-speed gear system for different terrain 
  • 2 x Rubber tires for all surfaces
  • 1 x shock absorber for a smooth rides

Items included in the package:

1 x 26" Bicycle


Product Material: Lightweight Carbon Steel